Casper mattress: memory foam or firm?

I got my Casper mattress and it inflated to the full 10 inches within an hour. It is soft yet firm and I had a restful sleep. I don’t really feel the bed mold to my shape and nor do I feel pressure relieving. In fact, the one place this mattress gives into to is my butt and it’s more of a sensation that the bed is pushing against my butt. I think my sleep would’ve been more restful had I not used pillows. This Casper mattress is not cloud soft like a typical memory foam pillow. It’s more of a solid supporting feeling while sleeping. Sometimes I sleep perfectly fine without a pillow because the mattress supports my head. There is a detectable chemical smell that still lingers in the bedroom. After reading all of the reviews I was still leery. I only notice it when I first walk in even though fresh linens are on the Casper mattress. I placed the mattress on my old box spring and it’s great.


This one is 10% casper promo code on any order and I was a bit hot all night with no covers and in a cool basement. With that said it’s not the coolest bed to sleep on. After falling asleep on it myself, I can vouch for it’s comfort. We use no box spring and have it on a platform bed that doesn’t require one. Amazing quality for the price. My son sleeps very well as there is no creaking noise that his crib used to have. However I’m normally a cold person so i don’t see this being a issue in the future. I should note that there is neck and back issues in both of our medical histories, and both having surgeries this summer, we love this Casper mattress. We are aware that nothing lasts forever but we are definitely going to see how long Casper mattresses last. By the way, I am strictly a stomach sleeper and this bed is stupidly good for that.

After covering it with new bed sheets I lie down upon the mattress and was enveloped with serene comfort and did not wish to leave. I hope that this mattress last for a while, if there are any problems I will try to update my review if and when it occurs. The only problem I have found is how warm the memory foam gets, it is a known drawback to memory foam, so I knew what I was getting into buying it.

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